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Are you looking for an opportunity to sell old gold?? Do you want to know where you can sell your jewelry? Or you are looking specifically for ‘gold buyers near me’? If yes, then you are in the right place. We at cash for gold buy all types of this precious yellow metal near you.

If we say that we deal near you, will you be happy?? Yes, we are close to you to provide the best service you have been wondering for a time now. For more information on us, read our blogs; this would get you some hint on what we do.

How to sell gold easily?

To be very honest, selling jewelry is not that hard than diamonds or even silver. Selling this precious metal only requires you to know the right time of the market, as there are great fluctuations with this metal. Only a professional could help you get a good profit. When you figure out to trade jewelry, you must know that there are benefits; you need to acquire. Like any other buyer, we do not ask the sellers to deliver the item by themselves; these aren’t a safe idea to travel with the expensive metals even if we are near. Therefore, we offer you to escort you to us; this might be safer and if you wish, we can even home-pick your valuables free of charge.


Not only that we provide a one on one session without professionals; if you need to clear any of your queries and want approval of your situation. We are available 24×7 to help you answer your doubts; also inform you the market rates even if you do to wish to sell at the very moment.

How to start with the sell?

When you have decided to finally start with your sale. Then you must visit Gold Buyer Near Me or contact our executives to get you detail on our procedure.

Our procedure comprises of only 3 simple steps- The first being the surfacing yourself with the news we bring to you. Upload some of the recent pictures of your items and mention a little bit of the item in a brief description. If you have an invoice or document to prove the fineness and purity of your metal; we would not take more time, and give you the quote. If you do not then, we will testify them with the international registered jewelry keratometer. This would help us understand its value based on the current market.

Once we receive your details, we start the evaluation and provide the quote, if you agree with our offer, we opt for the payment and if you aren’t happy when we keep some room for negotiation but let us be very specific. Not only we give 100% of the market price but also, we offer more 15% extra of the value. Also, when we offer our service there is no added charge where it is possible to save more than any other Jewelry buyer; as most of them asks the price for a quote as the testing actually cost time and men.

There are more to it, if you wish to stick with us, then contact us today, because the market is unpredictable and may not be same tomorrow.

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